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2016     A1 Elite SEPYLA Co-Champions
2009    B1 SEPYLA Champions
2009    C1 Liberty Shootout Champions

ALC C1s are 2009 Liberty Shootout Champions


June 14th, 2009, MalvernPA – In a day that featured three 1-goal ALC victories, including a 4 goal (in 7 minutes) come from behind win, the C1s went 5-0 on Sunday to capture the 2009 Liberty Shootout Championship.


The Championship game featured a highly anticipated “rubber match” between Wissahickon and ALC.   The C1s had beaten Wiss in a week 1 SEPYLA matchup back in March.  Wiss returned the favor in non-league play in late May.  As chance would have it, both teams won their round robins and semi-final games to meet for a 3rd time - in the Liberty Shootout finals.  Despite the fact that Wiss beefed up their roster with some age eligible B League players, they could not solve ALCs stingy defense & stellar goaltending, scoring just once in the finale.  Wiss also played tough D, but allowed 2 goals, giving the C1s the 2-1 victory.


On the season, the C1s were 8-0 in league play and 18-2-0 overall, allowing an impressive 2.35 goals against average.

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