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Player Eligibility
The Abington Lacrosse Club Board of Directors adopted the following player eligibility requirements:

"A" Division (7th/8th grade), "B" Division (5th/6th grade), "C" Division (3rd/4th grade)
To be eligible, a player must meet both:
1.  The grade division guidelines as established by U.S. Lacrosse
2.  Live within the Abington school district boundaries (reagardless of school attending) or a neighboring community that is not served by a youth lacrosse program (CCLA or SEPYLA).

Exceptions will be handled by SEPYLA on a case by case basis and in accordance with SEPYLA by-laws.  See the Eligibility page for more details.

("D" Division)

ALC will accept House League players that do not meet the eligibility requirements above, however, players that come from communities served by either a CCLA or SEPYLA club should not expect to continue on to play on travel teams for ALC unless there is some other compelling reason that warrants an exception.