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Welcome to the ALC Registration System

1. Scroll down to find the program for which you would like to register.
2. Enter all requested information
3. Pay registration fee with Visa or MasterCard.
4. A confirmation email will be sent once you have registered.

For general registration related issues, please contact:

Spring Season Registration Notes:
All Players are required to hold a US Lacrosse Membership valid through June 30th. In the event you do not have a membership or it lapses prior to June 30th, you will be able to obtain / extend membership directly with US Lacrosse as a part of your ALC registration process. To access your U.S. Lacrosse number, click on
ALC reserves the right to add or eliminate teams based on the final number of registered players and the availability of coaches.
Generally, leagues and teams are filled on a first come, first served basis. If a league is full, a wait list may be started. If a registered player drops out, wait listed registrants will be contacted.
Spring Registration Raffle: Each registered/paid player will be issued raffle tickets ($5 ea) for the total amount of their registration costs (ALC + US Lacrosse) at the beginning of the season.
  • Sell the tickets and keep the proceeds to recoup 100% of your registration fees.
  • Or, hold the tickets for a chance to win in the drawing to be held at the annual ALC Youth Festival at the end of the season. 
Should you need raffle tickets prior to the start of the season or need to make other special arrangements, please contact:
2023 Spring Coach Registration

Coach registration is required by Abington Lacrosse Club. This will allow you to access your team's roster, as well as other functions of the website. You will have to sign up as a member of US Lacrosse and will be prompted to do so during the online process. ALC will reimburse this fee if you request.


ALC requires MANDATORY background checks on all coaches and their assistants for all ALC programs. This is due to recent legislation in the State of Pennsylvania. STATE LAW--NON_NEGOTIABLE!!

Copies of your background checks are held on file with the ALC secretary. You are now REQUIRED to submit the following TWO ITEMS plus a third if you have only lived in PA for less than ten years: 


Please go to the following websites and complete the checks online:

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

PA State Police Criminal Record Check


There is no fee when selecting VOLUNTEER. Please make a copy of your results and submit a PDF to the ALC secretary for our records at prior to March 1st of the season.

For residents who have lived in PA for more than 10 years, in addition to the PA Child Abuse History and PA State Police Criminal Record checks, you will need to provide a signed & notarized affidavit acknowledging no related violations and/or convictions in other states outside of PA

If you have lived in PA for LESS than 10 years you will need to begin the the process for Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check. The fee is $27.50 and ALC will reimburse if you request.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check 


If you already have these clearances from other sports/organizations/work, etc please forward ASAP! 

Opened: 11/30/2022

Open to: Men & Women